Progressive Journalists Association invited to the European Commission congress on Freedom of Expression
 26 Nisan 2011, Salı
The EU Commission is debating the freedom of expression in Turkey on 6 May in Bruxelles.

The "Speak Up!" international conference will be about the "Freedom of Media and Expression in Turkey and West Balkans". The president of Progressive Journalists Association, Ahmet Abakay, and prof. Yaman Akdeniz of the Faculty of Law of Bilgi University of Istanbul were invited and will explain their views about the topic.

Among the speaking participants: European Parliament President, Jerzy Buzek; General Director of Enlargement of the European Commission, Michael Laigh; European Commission President deputy, Neelie Kroes; the Responsible official of the Enlargement of the European Commission, Stefan Fule; International Federation of Journalists General Secretary , Aidan White; International Press Institute President, Carl Eugen Eberle; Journalists Without Borders General Secretary, Jean François Julliard; various representatives from the Reuters Institute of the Oxford University, Bosnia Herzegovina Press Council; and from Albania, Croatia, Germany.

The President of the Progressive Journalists Association Ahmet Abakay declared to the correspondent of Anka agency that: "Like the title of the conference - Speak Up! - we are going to speak openly, like we do every time. Our Prime Minister (Erdoğan) when in Strasbourg defined the journalists under arrest as terrorists, and the banned books as bombs. In Bruxelles we are going to say that this is not the truth."

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